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June 30th 2018

Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 Available!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 Available!

Alpha 3.2

Today, we release our quarterly update to the Star Citizen Alpha Persistent universe, Alpha 3.2. In the new patch, Star Citizen players can use the Prospector ship’s mining arm to gather and sell resources harvested from the three moons, adding new gameplay and a huge resource to the game’s burgeoning economy. This economy comes into play in an entirely new way: 3.2 dramatically expands the number of items players can purchase at in-game kiosks with their hard earned in-game currency.

On the technical side, Alpha 3.2 dramatically improves upon the grouping system, delivering on the Star Citizen community’s most requested feature stemming from a vote in March of 2018. This new feature enables up to fifty players to travel the universe together as they enjoy the game’s more than thirty varying, procedurally-generated, mission types. NPC ship AI has also been improved with new behaviors that give in-game enemies a lot more teeth.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 also adds several new flyable ships and playable weapons and armor, adding to its impressive stable of more than 60 ships and 300 in-game weapons, armor and character items. New playable items include:
  • One new ship weapon and three new personal weapons for players to unleash mayhem upon their enemies
  • Six updated “Legacy” armor suits created by various in-game entities that hearken back to years gone by
  • Kiosk systems – enabling players to purchase numerous in-game items using in-game currency, from remote locations across the Universe
  • In addition to the new flyable ships added in 3.2, the MISC Prospector has now been added as a permanent addition to the pledge store
  • And more!
And of course, you can read the comprehensive Alpha 3.2 Patch Notes here.

3.2 Flyable Ships

With the release of Alpha 3.2, we're introducing newly flyable ships, as well as updating some older favorites. The list of new & updated ships includes:
  • Anvil Hurricane
  • Origin 600i Explorer
  • Aegis Eclipse
  • Vanduul Blade
  • Aegis Avenger (and variants)

Please enjoy the trailers below and find even more information on our 3.2 Flyable Ships page here.

Bug Reporting

Remember, while there’s a lot to explore in Alpha 3.2, the game is still just a portion of the Star Citizen experience! You can help the team improve future releases by reporting bugs and other issues using the Star Citizen Issue Council. The amazing feedback from Star Citizen backers is what has allowed us to interate on the PTU so quickly, and we’re eager for feedback about the Live release as well. You can access the Issue Council here.

Finally, we would be remiss if we did not thank our incredible community of PTU testers for helping make this patch the best it can be! Your dedication is exemplary of the UEE’s finest defenders!

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