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November 23rd 2018


The Arrow will be on display during the entire duration of IAE West in Lorville. Check it out in the convention hall and test-fly one today!


Aim Higher

"I shot an arrow in the air,

It fell to earth, I knew not where;

For, so swiftly it flew, the sight

Could not follow it in its flight."

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

19th Century, Earth, Sol

Nearly seventy thousand years ago, early Humans created a piece of technology that would forever change the course of our development. The arrow's simple, elegant design redefined everything, from the food we were now able to hunt, to the way we waged war.

Inspired by that enduring design, and by humanity's unyielding spirit of ingenuity, we updated the classic light fighter for the next generation of combat.

Considered the most agile fighter in its class, the Arrow's velocity and dexterity will leave would-be interlopers thoroughly bewildered.

There are some designs, however archaic, that transcend even time itself. We looked over seventy thousand years into the past for inspiration, to craft the light fighter of the future. The result? Unmatched design, blazing top speed, and best-in-class maneuverability. The 2949 Arrow.

The Light Fighter of the Future

Strike Fast, Strike True

Boasting an ultra-aerodynamic frame, slight, sexy profile, and the most advanced maneuvering thruster tech available, the Arrow is among the quickest and nimblest light fighters on the civilian market. Despite it's litheness though, it can hold its own in a knock-down drag-out, thanks to a generous standard weapons package. What else would you expect from Anvil?

Max Crew 1
Length 16m
Width 12m
Height 4m

Catch it if you can

Anvil's next-gen light fighter is flyable today. Get in, take off, and let fly.

Arrow Starter Pack - Package
$90.00 USD
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We offer pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The funding received from events such as these are what allow us to include deeper features in the Star Citizen world. Ships will be obtainable in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game.

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