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March 29th 2019

Explore ArcCorp

A new planet epitomizing urban sprawl

The latest explorable planet in the Stanton system, ArcCorp, is almost entirely covered in man-made structures. Travel the bustling plazas and neon-hued alleys of Area18 (the planet's main landing zone), uncover local urban culture, meet colorful locals, and find new ways to make a credit or two.

Tame Stanton's urban jungle

Come to Life with Improved Character Customization

Face the 'verse with deeper options

Our updated customization system lets you take your Star Citizen avatar to new heights, with the ability to choose a male or female character and blend facial features in unique ways, creating near-infinite possibilities.

All New You

Soar with the New Flight Model

Take control of over 80 ships and vehicles

Jump into the cockpit and try out the all-new flight control system. We've given the entire experience a top-to-bottom overhaul, maximizing pilot control and adding gravity to planets to achieve deeper and more realistic atmospheric flight.

MISC Reliant Series

Adapt in Alpha 3.5

Newly-flyable in Alpha 3.5, the Reliant series from MISC features advanced Xi'an-inspired tech and design. With broad wings, omni-directional thrusters, a fully-articulated two-seat cockpit with horizontal and vertical flight modes, as well as a spacious interior cabin space suitable for a variety of functions, the Reliant can acclimate to a multitude of purposes and situations.

Maximum Adaptability

Discovery, combat, communication, and beyond.

The MISC Difference

Adapt and Fly

MISC Legends

Snag these ships before they fly away again

MISC's legendary Freelancer series and lightning-fast Razor variants can be yours. Ride the cutting edge in hauling and racing with 7 distinct models built for whatever the 'verse throws at you.

Freelancer and Razor series

Built For Life/Built For Speed

Freelancer DUR - Standalone Ship
$135.00 USD
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Freelancer MAX - Standalone Ship
$150.00 USD
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Remember, we offer pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The funding received from events such as this allows us to include deeper features in the Star Citizen world. These ships will be available for in-game credits and/or are otherwise earnable through play in the final universe. They are not required to start or succeed at the game.

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