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March 21st 2019

Heed the Call of Distant Stars

The romance. The danger. The mystery of charting a course into the unknown. It sings to you. The spirit of exploration is inescapable. It's who you are.

You hear the song of far-off galaxies, of systems uncharted and frontiers untamed. You feel the magnetic pull of adventure and long to chase virgin horizons into the unfathomably silent depths of the unknown.

This is the spirit of the Drake Corsair - the bold, indomitable will of Humankind, dauntless in its relentless pursuit of fortune, expansion, and knowledge.

You never know what you may discover out there, but the Corsair is a worthy companion, supporting you in battle, discovery, and delivery, wherever the winds of adventure may steer you.

Explore the Ship

Click on the buttons to discover the Drake Corsair.

Take ship-to-ship combat head-on with four adaptable cannon mounts.

Take exploration into the next century with top-flight crew quarters and a full compliment of state-of-the-art scanning suites.

Protect your flanks, and send marauders to a nebulous grave with a broadside barrage.

With enough room for a ground exploration vehicle and/or a bounty of cargo, the Corsair's hold is vast and versatile.

Watch your back and send pursuers reeling.

Four starboard wing-mounted missile racks mean you're ready for whatever threat may lie past the next jump.

Wing-mounted S4 cannon mounts create a hellstorm of firepower.

Maximum adaptability to unfamiliar atmospheres and combat situations.

Wings Of Adventure
Drake Corsair Rough Layout Inside

Asymmetric convertible wings mean the Corsair is ready to conform to inhospitable atmospheres or unorthodox combat conditions at a moment's notice.

Keep Your Crew Comfortable
Drake Corsair Rough Layout Inside

They'll never be a mutiny with advanced Personnel Quarters that offer the comforts of home on extended missions, with full kitchen and washroom facilities.

Go Farther

Seeking more information on the Corsair? You came to the proper place. Read on for all you need to know about the newest star explorer from Drake Interplanetary.

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