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June 6th 2019

Origin 300 Series
The next generation is now

Until the 20th of June, we’re celebrating everything Origin and inviting you along for the ride. Renowned across the universe for expertly combining luxury and performance, now’s the perfect time to discover Origin Jumpworks for yourself.

Join the revelry by trying every flyable Origin ship for free, building your ideal 300 Series, and entering our screenshot contest.

Witness the
Evolution of Style and Substance

The premier luxury spaceflight experience is now available with extensive customization options. You already know that everything under the hood has been hand-tuned to perfection and now the interior, exterior, and load-out follow suit.

Classic Style
Modern Refinement

Rest Easy, Wherever You Are

The quality and attention to detail that define Origin ensure the 300i brings the comforts of home along for every ride. New for 2949, a weapon rack and suit locker make sure you're ready for anything at a moment's notice.

Expanding into the Modern Era

Without sacrificing an inch of the iconic silhouette, the reimagined cargo hold gives four times the classic model's capacity.

Origin 300 Series
The Next Generation is Now

Ship Customizer

The new Origin 300 series is the first ship offered with customizable paint, interior, and components. Jump to the ship page to build your ideal specification or, if you already have a 300 series ship, head to your hangar to Make it Yours. And be sure to look out for limited-time offers during the celebration!

Now, for a limited time you can add both the touring and explorer editions of the stately 600i, as well as the expeditious M50 to your personal fleet. See your authorized Origin Jumpworks dealer for details.

We offer pledge vehicles to help fund Star Citizen’s development. These Vehicles will be obtainable in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game.

Want to learn more about our customization options? Read the full Q&A.

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