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September 19th 2019

Black Sails and Strong Grog

Avast there!

Ye come seekin’ adventure with salty old pirates? Then thar be no better time to strap on yer fightin’ boots, fire up Arena Commander, and pick a fight with a swarm o’ space scum for some jolly digital dogfightin’.

Drake Interplanetary has made the pirate-liveried Caterpillars available to all ye multiplayer Arena Commander privateers who have blasted enough buccaneers to have earned the Pirate Aggressor badge.

Well, what are ye waitin’ for, ye scurvy swabs? Ready the guns and set a course to slay some scallywags. Give no quarter, take no prisoners.

Once you’ve defeated the dreaded swarm and earned yerself the proper badge, get to the Pledge Store to reap the rewards of yer plundering.

Sail Ho!

Alongside the upcomin’ Alpha 3.7, adventurous improvements to the Pirate Swarm game mode are inbound. There ain’t nowhere for ye landlubbers to hide.

Saltier star dogs, nastier surprises, and new challenges are sure to shiver yer timbers from fore to aft. But lest you despair in th’ face of swashbuckling mayhem, remember this: the adventures that really measure yer chains often yield the most compellin’ booty.

Keep a weather eye on the stars and another on yer trusty roadmap. Yar.

Learn more about Pirate Swarm and Arena Commander here.

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