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October 4th 2019

Traveler's Guide to the Galaxy: The Good Doctor

Traveler's Guide to the Galaxy

When I came here. I thought it was just going to be another job, you know? But Louisa, it’s become so much more… I’ve come to realize… I mean, we’ve come to realize that our lives have been an illusion. Been told that there are things in life that we need. Money. Fame. Love. Ships. Penthouses in Prime. They’re all distractions. Objects to hide who we really are, luring us away from looking at ourselves and realizing that true understanding of the self is all we truly need in this universe.

Dr. Fayel has shown us that. You should meet him, Louisa. He sees things on a level that… I know I shouldn’t be envious. That’s part of my weakness. I’ve come to learn, Louisa, that I’ve been infected with the haze that blinds us all to the truth of life.

I must turn myself inward to truly understand and part of that means that I will not come home to you. Though it breaks my heart, I know that my attachment to you is holding me back from my true potential. Give my love to the children and maybe I will see you all when I am free.

But to be honest, you should all join me here. I can show you so many things.

– Final communication from Tesko Corbin, engineer for Hatfield & Harding

Traveler’s Guide to the Galaxy: The Good Doctor

Welcome to our newest series: A Traveler’s Guide to the Galaxy. These dispatches aim to provide early insights into the lore and design behind new locations coming to the Star Citizen universe. With Alpha 3.7 comes a brand new, thrilling map for Star Marine: The Good Doctor.
We’re always looking to bring new exciting experiences to the ‘verse, and when it comes to the FPS action of Star Marine, generating new maps is a comprehensive way to scratch players’ itchy trigger fingers as well as give them intriguing new stories to be immersed in. Luckily, Star Citizen lore is rich with incredible tales, unique characters, and historic times that we can draw from to create fresh experiences.

The Good Doctor is set up as a training simulation based on actual events that ended very, very badly. Star Marine being a game-within-the-game lets us present this scenario as a historical snapshot of the Hatfield & Harding facility, transporting players back 100 years from the current game timeline, and plunging them headlong into the harrowing events of The Good Doctor on Leir II.

We’ve designed The Good Doctor specifically to facilitate fast, frantic, close quarters combat, creating an intense gameplay experience thus far unexplored in Star Marine, requiring players to employ specific tactics, navigating a hellish maze of rooms and buildings during battle, using the environment to tactical ends, or being overwhelmed by it.
The Good Doctor is set mostly within the bright, lived/worked-in areas of the research facility, lending the map a very different feel than other Star Marine environments. But while all may seem well at Hatfield & Harding at first, savvy citizens will be able to spot Easter eggs throughout the experience that hint at the true sinister nature of this setting.

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