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October 16th 2019

October 2949 Subscriber Promotions
Lost in Space. Found by Terror


It’s October, and although some of this month’s Subscriber offerings look to bring a little terror to the ‘Verse, there are still plenty things to bring a smile to your face.

Like ships. We’ve got ship promotions galore in October, from the Constellation Andromeda being made flyable to all Subscribers through our Ship of the Month program, to last months entire Masters of Flight series being made pledge-available through the end of October, and exclusively for our Imperators through the Test Flight Program, the Banu Defender, Vanguard Sentinel and Harbinger will be available to fly as part of your Subscription for a week after Alpha 3.7 goes live.

There’s also the Subscriber Vault that continues to bring behind-the-scenes looks at the development of ships like the Nautilus and Mantis, first looks at the variety of caves to be found in Alpha 3.7 and more, as well as Jump Point magazine, which recently explored the variety of harvestables found throughout Stanton’s planets and moons, a Visual Guide to the various Starter Ships of the Star Citizen universe and coming up at the end of this month: a deep dive look at the continuing development of Server-Side Object Container Streaming those technical-minded won’t want to miss.

We’re also continuing our new initiative of In-Game Rewards created specifically for Subscribers with an eye towards the life in (and lore of) the persistent universe. We’re excited to continue this additional focus to the In-Game Rewards (often referred to as Flair) with an eye towards truly unique offerings, and this month is about as unique as you can get, we think.

With that, let’s run down some of the Subscriber Promotions happening this month.


This month’s flair, in honor of October and Halloween, is based on an in-fiction film series you may have first read about on the RSI website here.

The Parasite film series by Amadi Murnau found a cult following among the myriad of entertainment options across the Spectrum, and with both the release of Parasite V: Dark Birth (the newest film in the series) as well as the Special Edition re-release of the original Parasite, CC Conversions is proud to present to you two authentic, authorized reproductions of the classic horror mask for all Subscribers.

Parasite Replica Helmet (Original) – The original Parasite vid established a new face of fear and terrified the Empire. This iconic look can now be yours with the Parasite Replica helmet from CC’s Conversions. Digital scans of the original prop helped to reproduce every gruesome detail. Despite its distinct design, the Parasite Replica helmet is space-rated and fully functional. It can be safely worn both in and out of atmosphere, or wherever you’re looking to scare someone. Current Centurion Subscribers get Original Parasite helmet above as part of their subscription.

Parasite Replica Helmet (Dark Birth) – Seven years after the original vid shocked the empire, Parasite V: Dark Birth took terror to a new level. CC’s Conversions celebrated the release of the latest installment by collaborating with the vid’s creators on an official and fully functional replica helmet. A special sensor built into the parasite’s eye allows you a clear view of the reactions to every appalling detail. Carefully designed to honor the original prop and withstand the real rigors of space travel, the helmet is a premiere replica that will turn you into a walking nightmare! Current Imperator Subscribers get both the Dark Birth and Original helmet above as part of their subscription.

If you aren’t a subscriber but want to acquire these packs as part of a Subscription, you can still receive them if you SUBSCRIBE by October 21st.

Additionally, you can purchase these and most of the previous flair going back to 2014 ANYTIME in the Subscriber Exclusive store. You can fill in any gaps as well as gift them to non-subscribers.


This month we take to the stars with one of Star Citizen’s original, signature spacecraft, the ever-popular Constellation Andromeda. If you’ve never flown one before, October is your chance to change that.


Every new month we make the previous month’s Ship of the Month available for a limited time pledge promotion. As with last month, we’re going to make these offerings just a little more Subscriber-Special by continuing the upgraded insurance and adding some decorative items to each Subscriber-Special Pledge Promotion and new for this month and going forward, we’re going to make these available for the entire month.

This month’s Subscriber-Special Pledge Promotion includes all four ships in the Masters of Flight Series, each with an enhanced 1-Year Insurance and their own collection of flair from our ever-growing library.

Hornet F7C Wildfire – Created as part of the ‘Masters of Flight’ series in conjunction with the flight-sim Arena Commander, the Wildfire pays tribute to famed pilot Aria Reilly for her distinguished service with the legendary Squadron 42. This Hornet comes equipped with her own personally selected loadout preferences and a custom special edition livery honoring her iconic ship.

Sabre Comet – The Comet pays tribute to famed pilot Captain Kamur Dalion for his work with Aegis to usher in a new era of combat ship design. This Sabre comes equipped with a specialized dogfighting focused loadout and a custom special edition livery honoring this iconic ship.

Avenger Titan Renegade – The Renegade pays tribute to famed pilot Danny Solomon for his notable work with the Advocacy to bring justice to Bremen. This Avenger Titan comes equipped with a specialized dogfighting-focused loadout and a special-edition livery honoring this iconic ship.

Gladius Valiant – The Valiant pays tribute to famed defense pilot Condi Hillard for being the first Human on record to defeat a Vanduul in combat. This Gladius comes equipped with a specialized dogfighting focused loadout and a custom special edition livery honoring her iconic ship.


Exclusively for Imperators, the newly flyable ships of Alpha 3.7 will be available to fly at no additional charge as part of the Imperator Test Flight perk, which provides access to newly implemented ships for one week after they're launched. This Test Flight includes the Banu Defender and the Vanguards Sentinel and Harbinger and was activated on October 11th.

It runs until October 19th at 0500 UTC.

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