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January 24th 2020

Lunar New Year 2020

Happy Lunar New Year

Venture into the New Year with all of us at Cloud Imperium as we celebrate the great times we’ve had this past year and prepare for the prosperous one to come. Gather your friends and family to kick off 2020 with the Year of the Rat, and celebrate the Year of the Horse in-game at the 2950 Red Festival.

Also making its debut to the ‘verse in this time of new beginnings is the Drake Cutlass Red, alongside all-new medical gameplay. Find all the details here.

Lastly, as our final gift to you for the New Year, we don’t have a red envelope, but we are bringing back the 890 Jump and Carrack to celebrate the debut of our first implementation of medical gameplay, and adding the M50 to celebrate the Year of the Horse(power) in the ‘verse

Read on for details and we wish you a prosperous 2020.

Lucky You

Celebrate the Red Festival

Fortune favors the bold.

Red envelopes have been hidden around the major hubs throughout the ‘verse. Hunt them down and sell them at kiosks to ensure good fortune. It could be your lucky day!

A celebration of renewal and remembrance, the Red Festival has its origins in old Earth customs celebrating the end of a ‘lunisolar year’, an ancient calendar system based off Luna’s (Sol 3a) cycles. Celebrants honor the festival with a variety of traditions that differ greatly depending on the system and community who are participating.

Common activities include wearing red items (a color that symbolizes good fortune), honoring friends and relatives who have passed by thinking of them and sharing stories of their influence, and eating foods long in length such as calossk tentacles or noodles dyed red. One of the most popular ways to celebrate is with the exchange of gilded red envelopes. On some worlds the envelopes contain a small token which the receiver is supposed to keep with them for good fortune. Other worlds may include a small amount of credits inside to help those you care about have a strong start in the upcoming cycle.

Growing in popularity is the newer tradition of hiding the envelopes as a way of spreading good fortune and prosperity to those that fate has deemed in need. Banu, in particular, have taken up this last tradition, hiding the Red Festival envelopes in honor of Cassa, their Patron of Luck.

Year of the Horsepower

Charge into the New Year

It’s 2950, the Year of the Horse. So, naturally, we’re breaking out a ship with some serious horsepower. For a limited time, you can harness the high-octane Origin M50 and blast into the new year at blistering speeds.

If the intense performance of the M50 is enough to make your heart stop, fear not! The Cutlass Red is here, newly equipped to take on any medical emergency.

Looking for something a little different? The exploration-focused Anvil Carrack or elegant Origin 890 Jump could be right up your alley – both equipped with state-of-the-art MedBed functionality. What’s more, this event marks your last chance to pick up the Carrack at its current price before it becomes flyable, and the 890 Jump is only available in limited quantities.

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