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February 13th 2020

Valentine's Day 2020

Be our Valentine?

Love is in the Air… and in the ‘Verse

Head into the season of love with two romantic competitions and spicy deals on three red-hot ships.

We asked you to create an original Star Citizen-themed Valentine’s Day card to give to the copilot of your heart, and you showed us that your love was out of this world! Check out all the submissions and find one for your sweetheart on Spectrum. We’ll be announcing the winners and posting all the finalists soon.

Want to express your love firsthand in the ‘verse instead? Enter our Valentine’s screenshot contest and create a heartwarming in-game scene for your chance to win lovely prizes. Get the details on Spectrum!

2019 Valentine Card Contest Entry by Wilo de Midek

Jump Into Love

Missed Connection

Celebrate Coramor with us in the ‘verse!

A holiday all about love, Coramor is traditionally observed on February 11 and is usually represented by the colors pink and black. It was inspired by the tale of Yuri & Cora, two lovers separated by the collapse of Oretani’s only jump point. Heartbroken, Yuri sent Cora’s parents emotional daily comms chronicling his attempts to find another way into Ortani. On 02/11/2486, he sent a comm that was mostly unintelligible except for “…anything for Cora… amor…” Yuri was never heard from again.

A popular late 25th century vid dramatized the story and inspired people to celebrate love on the day. The vid’s highly romanticized ending has Yuri making it through a jump to Oretani. He reunites with Cora, but his ship is so damaged that the nav data to return them home to the UEE is lost. The vid, titled Coramor, popularized more than the holiday’s name – Yuri’s black ship with pink accents inspired the colors now associated with the holiday. The vid even altered Yuri’s final known words to the now famous phrase, “Anything for my Coramor.”

On Coramor, it’s typical to send romantic comms and gifts to your paramour. Lovers not in the same system often make plans to celebrate together by scheduling romantic trips around the holiday, making Coramor one of the empire’s busiest travel days. Unattached Citizens looking for love often send comms into the vast void of space, addressed to a potential ‘Coramor’ waiting somewhere in the endless black. Those that have lost loved ones often send messages to their departed sweethearts, reflecting upon their time together.

Elegant, Explosive, Eros

Passion Project

300s are red, 300s are blue, with customization, yours could be too! Fall in love all over again with Origin Jumpworks’ 300 Series, the silver standard in luxury spacecraft. Handpick the paint, weapons packages, and features to make your 300 one of a kind.

Be Mine

We Found Love

Don’t show up empty-handed this Valentine’s Day. Scoop up one of these limited-time offers to give your copilot a gift as fiery as your burning love. The Anvil Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker & Tumbril Cyclone RC are available now!

Late for a very important date? Get there quickly (and with your box of chocolates untampered with by pesky customs agents) in a Crusader Mercury Star Runner, which we’re excited to announce is currently slated to be flyable in Alpha 4.1! This will be reflected on the Roadmap in the very near future when the 4.1 column is added. Pick up your own below or upgrade to the Star Runner now!

These deals won’t last forever though, so get them while they’re red hot!

Let's Get Physical

Don’t Show Up Empty-Handed

Keep your paramour warm with a brand new Star Citizen hoodie, beanie, or pair of SOCS socks! Check out all of our merchandise now.

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