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February 7th 2020

February with Friends
Love is in the air - and in the 'verse

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone!

Take to the skies with a copilot

February is a month often associated with love, harmony, and spending time with people you care about. We’d like to celebrate this theme with a handful of fun activities and promotions we think will get you in the spirit.

First, we’ve updated the “Fly Now” page with a limited time promotion of our most affordable multicrew ship , the Reliant Kore. With superior weaponry and greater cargo capability than the Aurora MR, it’s the perfect starter ship for ambitious new players.

Alongside a limited-time discount, we’ve also taken the time to evaluate the Reliant series as a whole, which has resulted in a number of improvements/buffs, all planned for deployment in upcoming patch Alpha 3.9.0.
You can read more about that and join the discussion on Spectrum here.

Celebrate Your Copilot

Nothing says friendship like flying together

Get into the spirit of the season with two romantic competitions and some spicy limited time offers of some of the most beloved ships in the ‘verse, coming next week. We’ve already kicked off our annual “Be My Valentine” Card Contest and there’s still time to enter.

Our second contest alongside a bevy of delectable goodies are coming on February 13th.

Carrack is Home

The wait ends this month

We’re excited to close out an epic month celebrating love with the launch of the iconic Anvil Carrack later this month! That’s right, the Gibbening will conclude and you’ll soon be living among the stars in Anvil’s latest and greatest.

For all the wonder the unknown offers, even the most intrepid explorer needs a place to call their own. With the Carrack, your home travels with you everywhere and anywhere.

Stay tuned for more info about patch Alpha 3.8.2, flying your way soon.

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