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April 29th 2020

Alpha 3.9 Referral Bonus Week
Invite your friends and get a Greycat Buggy for free!

Bring a friend to Alpha 3.9

Whether you’re hunting down pirates, raiding ships, or breaking out of jail, tackling the dangers of Alpha 3.9 is easier with a friend by your side. To celebrate the release of our latest patch and the rework of the friends list and the social systems coming with it, we’re launching a bonus event to support your crew’s kick-start into the ‘verse.

If you bring a new player into ‘verse between now and the 11th of May, we’ll give you BOTH a Greycat Buggy.

Find out more about how to secure your gifts below.

How does Bonus Referral Week work?

Do you have a friend that you want to invite into the ‘verse? Great! Here’s all the necessary information so that neither of you miss out on your referral bonus.

What is Alpha 3.9 Referral Bonus Week?

During Alpha 3.9’s launch week, we have a special offer for you and your friends.
As a time-limited special bonus, if your friend becomes an active player by obtaining a Game Package (minimum value of USD 40$ on the Pledge Store) by May 11th (EOD 11:59 PM PTD), you’ll both receive a Greycat Buggy. As usual, anyone registering with your personal code will automatically get 5,000 UEC, plus you get a Recruitment Point for our regular Referral Program.

How to refer a friend?

Your friends must add your personal referral code when creating their account. This is crucial, as the code CANNOT be added after the account is created.

Where do I find my personal referral code?

Check the Referral Program Page to find your referral code.
Your Referral Code is unique. Share it any way you like, on social media, email, or your own website, and ask your friends to use it when creating an account on the RSI website.

What’s in it for me?

Recruiting one friend (1 Referral Point) grants the iconic Greycat Buggy, a compact-yet-capable ground vehicle that’s as at home in a hangar as it is exploring microTech’s new moons. You can retrieve your Greycat Buggy at one of the major landing zones (Lorville, Area18, New Babbage).

Note: You will receive your Greycat Buggy instantly, while it may take up to 72 hours before the referred player sees the new Buggy on their account.

What is the regular Referral Program?

The regular Referral Program empowers you to become a driving force behind the growth of the Star Citizen Community. Plus, you’ll unlock cool in-game rewards, from exclusive hangar items to massive warships. Check the Referral Program Page to take a glimpse at our recruitment rewards ladder.

Do the standard Referral Program and the limited Alpha 3.9 Referral Bonus Week work together?

Yes! While the ALpha 3.9 Referral Bonus Week only runs during the first week after the LIVE release of Alpha 3.9, our regular Referral Program is an ongoing initiative. During this week, both referral initiatives will be active at the same time. So no matter if it’s your first referred friend or your 100th, you will both still earn a Greycat Buggy.

Looking For more details or the FAQ about the referral program?
Click here to check our regular referral program.
Click here to find the Referral Program FAQ.

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