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July 8th 2020

Foundation Festival 2950

Better Together

Welcome to the Foundation Festival!

In the ‘verse, the Foundation Festival is a month-long civic program that endeavors to strengthen the foundation of community by encouraging Citizens and Civilians to volunteer with local and Imperial organizations. During this time, the hope is that people will lift each other up so the community as a whole gets stronger.

Here on Earth, we’re celebrating our incredible Star Citizen community all month long!

A Helping Hand

Guide the Way in July

Guides, it’s time to load up on weapons or step into the cockpit. Throughout July, we’re celebrating you! Recently, we made upgrades to the Guide System to make it easier than ever for a new pilot to step into the ‘verse with your helping hand.

Everyone who acts as a guide this month will automatically receive exclusive rewards by the time Alpha 3.11 hits the live servers. Complete more guide sessions and you’ll rack up the rewards. Don’t miss your chance- these rewards are exclusive to this event and you won’t be able to get the skin or badges any other way!

  • 1 Successful Guide Session: Yellow Flame Guide Insignia Spectrum Badge
  • 3 Successful Guide Sessions: Orange Flame Guide Insignia Spectrum Badge
  • 6 Successful Guide Sessions: Brand-New Foundation Festival Anvil Arrow Skin & Red Flame Guide Insignia Spectrum Badge
In addition to rewards for the top guides, we’ll be rewarding the month’s ten most prolific guides with the ship that best represents their teaching expertise when the month comes to a close! Keep in mind that we have the ability to monitor and verify all Guide interactions, and will disqualify any players attempting to game the system. Learn more about the Guide System and sign up to be a guide here.

Also, for new players joining the ‘verse: if you backed the game with your new account within the last 30 days, you’ll receive a bonus of 5,000 UEC if you use the guide system for a complete session of at least 30 minutes. This will be awarded after the 5th of August.

With the Power of Friendship

Squad Up & Win

The ‘verse is dark, full of terrors, and it can be dangerous to go alone. Thankfully, you’ve got your trusty crew to help you out along the way.

We want to see how your gang hangs in the ‘verse in our Foundation Festival Crew Contest. Snap the most breathtaking action screenshots of you and your team doing your thing, and submit it to the contest thread with your crew’s clever title and a quick sentence telling us why you’re the best in the ‘verse! The leaders of the coolest three crews will walk away with fabulous prizes.

Learn more and submit your screenshots on Spectrum!

Come Together

Celebrate Imperator’s Day: July 12

Imperator’s Day commemorates the forming of the United Nations of Earth (UNE), when the world came together with the common goal of forging a brighter future in the stars.

Over the years, the holiday and the UNE have evolved, but the tenets of the day and the values of our collective remain the same: we are stronger as one.

Together, we struck down tyrannical regimes, made peace and allied with alien races, and forged a legacy of harmony and a commitment to a better tomorrow. Together, we celebrate our great accomplishments from the past and the even greater potential of the future. Together, we solidify our independence through acceptance, inclusion, and mutual understanding.

Speaking of, we’ve been sharing information on the upcoming 2950 Imperator election, which will come to a head in the near future. Get caught up by checking out the story so far:

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