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September 9th 2020

September 2950 Subscriber Promotions


Last month's Paladin helmets from Virgil Ltd were a big hit! We took tremendous delight in seeing the countless screenshots posted on Spectrum, the Community Hub, and social media. Stay tuned: we plan to expand our unique helmet offerings towards the end of the year and into 2021!

This month, we have the perfect accessory to the Overlord Armor that arrived in spring... Kastak Arms Sawtooth knives! Each has a unique colorway that matches the Dust Storm, Riptide, and Supernova armor variants. If you missed out on them earlier in the year, you can find them in the Subscriber-Exclusive store now.

Additionally, September's flyable Ship of the Month is the Drake Cutlass Blue; last month's perennial favorite, the Aegis Sabre, is available to pledge for all month long.

With that, let's find out what else is going on this month.


Don’t end up on the wrong side of a Sawtooth combat knife. The blade embodies Kastak Arms’ aggressive styling and features a strong tip for piercing, straight edge for slicing, and unique serrated edge with micro-blades for when you really need to rip through something. With a unique and deadly look, it has become a signature component in the arsenal of the vigilante Overlords of Pyro.

Sawtooth “Sirocco” Combat Knife – A light brown color was added to the coating for the special Sirocco-edition to match the “Dust Storm” Overlord armor from Doomsday.

Current Centurion-level Subscribers get the “Sirocco” combat knife seen here as part of their subscription.

Sawtooth “Squall” Combat Knife – The Squall-edition Sawtooth was the favorite of legendary vigilante Riptide, who favored an oceanic look so foreign to the Pyro system.

Current Imperator-level Subscribers get both the “Sirocco” and “Squall” combat knives as part of their subscription.

Sawtooth “Bloodstone” Combat Knife – There was perhaps no Overlord more feared by the criminal element than Supernova; the “Bloodstone” knife was their fitting accomplice.

The Sawtooth “Bloodstone” Combat Knife is available to all Subscribers for purchase in the Subscriber-Exclusive Store.

If you aren’t a Subscriber and would like to receive the Kastak Arms Sawtooth as part of a subscription, you can SUBSCRIBE by September 14.

Additionally, if you subscribe after September 14, you can pick up these and previous months’ Flair (going back to 2014) from the Subscriber-Exclusive store. You can fill in any gaps as well as pick up extras to gift to non-Subscribers.


The Cutlass Blue's missiles, powerful thrusters, and Durasteel holding cells make it the outworld militia ship of choice.

All Subscribers can fly the Blue for free until October 1, 2020.


If you loved your time with August's Ship of the Month, good news! It's now available to pledge for with enhanced insurance and several Flair items included at no additional cost until the end of the month.

Additionally, both credit and discounted Warbond Cross-Chassis Upgrades (CCU) are available. Visit the Pledge Store by clicking on "Ship Upgrades."


Two continuous discount levels are available to all Subscribers on most physical merchandise items. New items are 10% off and existing items are 15% off, including jackets, hoodies, shirts, mugs, hats, beanies, mousepads, posters, stickers, and more. Check out the Merchandise Store now!


Remember, all previous Flair items (going back to 2014) are available for purchase in our Subscriber-Exclusive store. You can fill in any gaps, pick up the store-only items, or even grab extras to gift to non-Subscribers from the My Hangar section of your profile here on the website.

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