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November 12th 2020

November 2950 Subscriber Promotions


From the election of a new Imperator at the beginning of the month to the 2950 Intergalactic Aerospace Exposition running through the end of the month, this November holds an elevated level of importance for many UEE citizens. Amid these landmark events, we’re introducing some nostalgic Subscriber Flair to bring some added frivolity to the goings-on in the ‘verse.

Shooting foam darts and producing unique firing sound effects, the colorful WowBlast Desperado toy pistols are sure to make your next visit to the ‘verse even more fun. Shoot friends or foes and aim to entertain, as no damage is done and you can fire wherever you are. All you need to do is pick your favorite color and pick your target.

Additionally, November’s flyable Ship of the Month is the Origin M50 and last month’s fearsome Prowler is available to pledge for all month long.

Keep reading to see what else we have in store for you in November!


Make friendly fire fun with the Sakura Sun WowBlast Desperado. Playfully fire foam darts at friends or fictitious foes with these ultra-colorful plastic toy pistols. Whether killing time at a landing zone or during a long-haul through the stars, the WowBlast toy line provides lighthearted excitement and entertainment for the entire family.

WowBlast Blue Desperado Toy Pistol – The bright blue and yellow design of this toy pistol, along with the unique sound effect, will catch your pretend enemies off guard so you can take your shot.

Current Centurion-level Subscribers get the WowBlast Blue Desperado Toy Pistol seen here as part of their subscription.

WowBlast Orange Desperado Toy Pistol – Stand out from the crowd with the eye-catching orange and purple coloring on this toy pistol, and surprise your enemies with a different sound effect when you fire.

Current Imperator-level Subscribers get both the WowBlast Blue Desperado Toy Pistol and the WowBlast Orange Desperado Toy Pistol as part of their subscription.

WowBlast Red Desperado Toy Pistol – The color of the blood you won’t be spilling, this red toy pistol with a new firing sound is sure to impress your friends and foes.

The WowBlast Red Desperado Toy Pistol is available to all Subscribers for purchase in the Subscriber-Exclusive Store.

WowBlast Teal Desperado Toy Pistol – This toy pistol with unique sound brings some retro fun to your next dart battle with its teal and pink coloring.

The WowBlast Teal Desperado Toy Pistol is available to all Subscribers for purchase in the Subscriber-Exclusive Store.

If you aren’t a Subscriber and would like to receive the Blue or Orange Toy Pistols as part of a subscription, you can SUBSCRIBE by November 16.

Additionally, if you subscribe after November 16, you can pick up these and previous months’ Flair (going back to 2014) from the Subscriber-Exclusive store. You can fill in any gaps in your collection and pick up extras to gift to non-Subscribers.


The Origin M50 is one of the fastest ships in the ‘verse, with supercharged engines and a sleek racing design to get you where you’re going as quickly and stylishly as possible. Blistering speed balances out a light weapons array to create a ship that will leave your enemies in your (space)dust.

All Subscribers can fly the M50 for free until December 1, 2020.


If you loved your time with October's Ship of the Month, the Esperia Prowler, good news! It's now available to pledge for with enhanced insurance and several Flair items included at no additional cost until the end of the month.

Visit the Pledge Store and clicking on "Ship Upgrades."


Two continuous discount levels are available to all Subscribers on most physical merchandise items. New items are 10% off and existing items are 15% off, including jackets, hoodies, shirts, mugs, hats, beanies, mousepads, posters, stickers, and more. Check out the Merchandise Store now!


Remember, all previous Flair items (going back to 2014) are available for purchase in our Subscriber-Exclusive store. You can fill in any gaps, pick up the store-only items, or even grab extras to gift to non-Subscribers from the My Hangar section of your profile here on the website.

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