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October 9th 2021

Fan Favorite Cosplay Voting

Digital CitizenCon 2951 - Fan Favorite Cosplay Contest Voting

It’s time to vote for the community’s favorite cosplay of Digital CitizenCon 2951!
CitizenCon wouldn’t be the same without our magnificent Star Citizen cosplay community, who bring the ‘verse to life through their passion, artistry, and creativity. So, they deserve to be celebrated even without a physical stage!
Check out the Community/Cosplays section of the official Digital CitizenCon website for a detailed gallery of this year’s cosplayers and great images of their costumes.

As we at CIG have already picked our three winners, it’s now up to you to vote for this year’s community cosplay favorite.

The voting will run until October 18, 7:00 am UTC.

The Digital CitizenCon 2951 Cosplay Contest Fan Favorite will be announced on November 20.

Fan Favorite Cosplay Contest voting 2021

Who is your Digital CitizenCon 2021 Cosplay Fan Favorite?

Total Votes: 6035

Thank you for casting your vote

Thank you for voting in the Digital CitizenCon 2951 – Fan Favorite Cosplay Contest!.

You can find the official contest rules here.

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