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Dtox & Co. - Yela ice drifting

PTU 3.0

It all started off as an idea to grab some rovers and go drive somewhere for fun, turned into an Odyssey to hunt frames in the distant lands of everlasting ice.
There is something to be said for ice drifting in drifting multi-ton armored vehicles, in the darkness under the stars.
Here are our experiences that we will remember for a long time thanks to the epic experience we got to enjoy for our efforts :-)

attached are some picked screenshots, feel free to explore the rest below
full imgur album:

full stream VOD: (relevant part starts 5h 25min or so, but feel free to watch our epic struggles to get there, including earlier attempts with a Connie…. but be warned, it was rough :-)

Courtesy of DTOX_TV, all participants, guest starring – The Chat
Keep it Immobile, troopers.
And for myself – i did it for the glory of the Confederation, as always.


victory looks sexy

the sparkling ice under a sky of stars


steady as she goes

awaiting pickup

the other space toilet

flying escort

flying escort

running out of oxygen? just call a multi-million state of the art stealth fighter to be your gas tank

this took way longer than i'd be willing to admit

Rings of Yela



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