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Ships That Can Carry The Nova

I went about testing the size of the Nova inside all the large ships with cargo which are able to land (Javelin is disqualified). It is not guarantee since most of these ships are still being built or in concept, but I used all the best most current available information we have right now. I made some pretty surprising discoveries!

I will discuss each ship separately below, but here are my findings so far:

TOTAL: 5 ships we know of can carry a Nova, and 2 ships are a maybe!

Crucible: YES, fits 5
Idris: YES, fits 6+ (maybe up to 16)
Carrack: YES, fits 1
Polaris: YES, fits 1
Starliner: YES, fits 1

BMM: Maybe
Pioneer: Maybe

Explorer/Endeavor: NOPE
Starfarer: NOPE
Caterpillar: NOPE

*Note that most of these ships are still in concept and very likely to get larger. So the possibility of them carrying more than expected is high.

1) First off the two easy ones, The Crucible and Idris can both easily carry the Nova. With the current size of the Crucible, it can carry 5 Novas.

NOTE: We have no information on Crucible lock down plates. I’m just seeing what is possible to fit inside the Scarab. Also, I am demonstrating here the possibility of leaving the Scarab garage behind as a base on a planet, which you can operate from while the main ship flies away to work on repairs or conduct light patrol with its S4 cannons.

2) The Idris presumably can carry more than 6 Nova due to the length of the internal runway, but I can’t really verify the exact number with my current idris model since it is too out of date. If I had to guess, my current maximum estimate is two rows of eight tanks, so possibly 16 lined up in the launch bay.

3) The Polaris in its current size, can also easily carry one Nova with room to spare for cargo. but because of the dimensions of its current concept cargo bay, I can’t fit a second Nova into it. If the ship grows larger as it is being built, it is likely to be able to carry another one.

4) Big surprise was that the recent increase in size for the Carrack, makes it perfect to carry the Nova! It should be able to carry one now, in the same spot where it would be able to carry a rover.

5) The Starliner was tricky to figure out, since its available concept model is so low resolution. But luckily it came with a highly detailed cargo door, which defines the size of the cargo opening. Then I could estimate of the length for the cargo bay, by tracing it back until there were major internal structures in the way. This is valid since the Starliner is supposed to be a heavy lift transport ship and carry vehicles, even a full size racer. So it will have a very large cargo area. Once I determined it’s dimensions, I could confirm that the current size Starliner concept can carry one Nova!

6) I don’t have a BMM model, but it is very likely that it could carry a Nova due to it’s immense size and possible internal cargo space, as opposed to external. Also a Pioneer is very likely to have space for a Nova so both of those ships are a maybe.

I tried the Explorer cab from the Endeavor. I used a mockup of what seems to be the intended concept cargo area of the Explorer cab (which actually is large enough to fit an Ursa!). It was a long shot but it does not seem large enough for a Nova.

7) Also the Starfarer, is a no UNLESS it can strap them somehow to the external cargo mounts or giant dry external cargo cates.

8) The Caterpillar is just no. The cargo modules are too small, even if there was a way to get a Nova into the doorway.



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