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The True Meaning of "Pirate" From The Golden Age of Piracy

Greetings mates! Captain-Kidd here. I want to offer an illuminating perspective about the nature of piracy; one that is based on its original 17th Century definition. Pirates are not necessarily “criminals,” they can also be a noble lot who are simply “non-compliant patriots.” If we are going to engage in acts of Piracy in Star Citizen let’s first explore the true meaning of the word. A “Pirate,” or “Pirata” from 13th Century Latin means “seafaring gang member.” And the Greek root, “Peirates,” means “those who risk or attempt attack.” From this definition it’s clear that Pirates can be deviant yet courageous individuals motivated by some meaningful cause which compels them to risk their lives through aggressive or (Ad)Verse means.

This original definition is vital and must not be ignored. “Aggressive” behavior is only “Criminal” within a certain subjective context. Take any war with two opposing sides for example; each side perceives the opposing side as “Savage Murderers.” Yet they view themselves as “Courageous Heros.” So which is true? It’s subjective based on one’s allegiance. And so it is with Piracy. In game, from the UEE’s POV we are criminal scumbags, but let us not comply with their patriotic prejudices. Rather than the UEE being our judge, jury and executioners let us take the liberty to answer to our own inner authority.

If you research the actual behaviors of the renegade sailors who lived during the “Golden Age of Piracy” what you will find is that a subset of them who called themselves “The Brotherhood of Libertalia” were quite a conscientious and collaborative lot. (Check this link for the facts:

Much like “sea-worthy freedom fighters,” true pirates were bound together by the common cause of securing their personal freedom and their tribe’s rightful liberties. These non-compliant patriots lived (and died) by a little known “Code of Conduct” that was not cut-throat criminal, but noble of heart . . . albeit with a dark twist of character that transformed their lives from a mundane existence into a passionate adventure.

While some pirate gamers will insist upon inflicting damage and grief upon anyone they come into contact with, I personally encourage the whole lot of us to assess the level of our own nobility and choose to bring a bit of it to bear in our game play. I’m not against pillaging, plundering and even aggressive behavior, but I do believe, like our distant pirate brothers and sisters of Libertalia that we can do so with a measure of conscience, collaboration and even twisted dignity. See you around the (Ad)Verse mates! – Captain-Kidd

So what does this well-mannered pirate have to say in closing? “Aye Mates, I’ll See You Around The . . . (Ad)Verse!”

Captain-Kidd, The Pirate Brotherhood of Libertalia, (TPBL)



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