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Star Citizen Capital Ships: Idris Frigate

In Star Citizen, the Idris Frigate is arguably the most important ship in the game, both for the major part it has in the upcoming Squadron 42 campaign and also how critical it has been to the design and development process in general. In this first episode of a new series focusing on capital ships in Star Citizen, I talk a little about the background of the Idris, followed by an overview of what we know of the ship today. In part two of my look at the Idris, I will focus on operational use and what we can expect in terms of gameplay.

Ryan Church Concept:
Idris Basics:
F42 Team Talks Idris:
Hull Stats:
Stock Idris Weapons Configuration:
Argo Deck:
Hangar Deck:
Upper Hangar:
Mid Deck:

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