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[Fan Music] - 890 Jump || A Stellar Performer - [Orchestral]

Hello there aspiring space guys & gals! :D
This week we’re right back at you with some more fan music.

For today, the 890 Jump is on the menu!
I went with a blend between something exciting and still relatively classy, which is exactly what the ship aims to be.
Sure, some people will suit up to eat the finest cut of space whale off of a mammoth-ivory plate, but most of us will just strip down naked and enjoy the booze! Right guys?! Just me? .. Hm.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view whilst traveling to the most (in)hospitable places the ‘Verse has to offer, for if there’s one thing that negates trouble more than a capital class shield and hull, it’s a wall of money!

Enjoy! ;)



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