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Comments / 8 - Star Citizen App - YT-O Style 3D rendered to-scale fleet image generator

Please check out this Star Citizen App and let me know what you think. You don’t have to manually select individual ships, just copy and paste from your hangar page on RSI and the App will identify the ships to render and then put them in order of largest to smallest automatically for you. Multiples should show too.

Please note: RSI has somehow blurred the smaller fleet images (e.g. when I uploaded my own to the forum), so pay no attention to that. The output from the tool should be crisp and clear 100%. Check some of the larger fleet examples below.

Thanks to YT-O for the renders and for helping to test. Thanks to all those who have contributed sharing their fleet image outputs from the App.

If you are willing to share the fleet image generated, please right-click, copy and paste it into paint, save as PNG and then add it to the fan creations forum post:—1

(Completely up to you if you want to share it or not – I hope you enjoy the app either way)

Feedback welcome – I want to improve it! I’m already going to be implementing some updates due to feedback so far.

Also I’m open to suggestions on what App I should create next for the community. Star Citizen community is the best community! <3


Don't mind the low-res shown here. That happened when I uploaded to RSI forums for some reason. It should come out crisp and clear.

Thanks for sharing your fleet!

This is just nuts. I wish I had the ability to fleet up like this guy. FREAKING HUGE FLEET! WTF

Torlek, thanks for all your support and also sharing your fleet image. You rock.

Carrack will be a nice ship. Thanks for sharing your fleet image.

Nice fleet bro.

That Orion is nuts!

OMG, I want an Orion so much that is nuts :O. They have made the Orion so big...

Glad you got it working on Opera browser. Thanks for doing testing with me and giving me feedback.



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