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[Fan Music] - Whisperer In The Dark - [Symphonic Orchestral]

Hello there aspiring space guys & gals! :D
This week we’re right back at you with some more fan music.

Today we’re all about: "Whisperer In The Dark", one of the best lore posts out there in my opinion!
I decided to write a blend of ambience and classical symphonic movements to accompany this tale, with as much melancholy as there is mystery. (Akin to what i did earlier with "A Gift for Baba")
Planning to do more of these lore-derived orchestrations in the future to complete the set of landing zone & combat music series we’ve already got going.

If you haven’t already, i’d highly recommend to go check out this Tonya Oriel tale! ;) It’s sure to leave some shivers and is hella inspiring!




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