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Returning customers


customer that see this, download the new patch here:


Starting up the launcher from a while ago. As a return user most will be confused by this, no info or instructions on what to to. I decided to go to the website because I know better but you are losing customers from your laziness Thanks the for under development, It should download the new version automatically.

This is what your return customers see after already buying a product. You suck! Is about all the needs to be said here, and even more this was after the confused return user clicked FLY NOW because they were ready to star the game again and you try to get more money out of them by sending them here when the 3.0 insinuated that a current download would be there. I'm sure at this point you have ton's of returns you are going through and I hope you refund them!

Here is where you can go to get the current download, hopefully you don't ban my post so new/current users can see this since you so obviously don't care to show it in plain/understandable areas.

Another example of poor implementation, instead of having my security questions or a email come to me as I "Forgot my password" clicking just simply sends me back to the website with no instructions or anything. I'm a programmer and IT guy, this is 12 year old mistakes TBH.

Website fail. FIX IT.



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