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Trailer | Letters From Vega - Episode 1

The final release will be on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

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"Make no mistake. The Vanduul are coming again. And right now we are not equipped to handle them" Col. Bradley Crandall, New Corvo, Vega II, Oct 5th 2945

With many in the UEE senate arguing that expenses towards the UEE military are excessive and with Vanduul activity in the system greatly decreased. Dalynn Cross and Eddie Daniels are sent to Aremis, Vega II, to visit one of the planets military installations and document the base operations.

Director’s Notes:

Letters From Vega is one of the most ambitious cinematic projects ever undertaken within the Star Citizen community. With immense sets, an exceptionally talented cast and a no limits attitude Letters From Vega is well worth the wait. We hope you enjoy this trailer giving you a preview of the episode to come.

- Alex



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