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[Fan Music] - To Give You the Stars - [Orchestral]

Hello there aspiring space guys & gals! :D
This week we’re right back at you with some more fan music.

For today i heard some gossip ‘round the Pub! ;)
That’s right… The one and only Paul "The Barrel" Shelley tapped me a cold one whilst bringing to my attention that RSI engineer; Dr. Childress, created the Quantum Drive to "give the stars" to his kids!
Pauly figured it a powerful quote, and guess what, so do i! Hence the song for today.

After dragging my intoxicated bum back home from my visit to the best damn space bar at the end of the ‘Verse, i started writing immediately.
Some "techy" synths, interwoven with both emotional heartfelt melodies and blood pumping crescendos are sure to "Give You the Stars"!
And if not… Visit Pauly and ask for a double Ibiza Sunrise. I’m still seeing them and that’s after a couple of packs of aspirin..




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