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Submitted 2018-03-13 13:42:04
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Letters From Vega - Part 1 [Star Citizen Machinima]

With many in the UEE senate arguing that expenses towards the UEE military are excessive and with Vanduul activity in the system greatly decreased. Dalynn Cross and Eddie Daniels are sent to Aremis, Vega II, to visit one of the planets military installations and document the base operations.

Directors Notes:

Letters From Vega is one of the most ambitious cinematic projects ever undertaken within the Star Citizen community with a complete production pipeline which includes full body and facial capture, the entire library of public Star Citizen game assets and one of the most highly talented casts ever assembled. I bit off far more than I could chew with this project and it was damn well worth if only for the huge amount of fun it was to make! I hope you can now enjoy it too.

- Alex


Project Directors:
AlexS189 –
Sean "Slayer_TNT" Sullivan

Cryengine, Animation and editing:

JP Corwyn –

Audio & Foley:
Christopher ‘Hybrid V’ Murillo –

Alexander Jordon –

Voice Directing:
JP Corwyn –

Real time VFX & Buildmaster:
TJ "FiendishFeather" Long –

Voice Actors:

Dalynn: Hannah "TheJediExile" Hellwig –
Eddie: Sam Parish –
Ewing: Theodore "Tacti-Cat" Perez –
Col. Crandall: George LeDoux –
Cpt Khan: Trendane Sparks –
Kishi: Zaelin94
Ground Control: Grakees –

Additional Voices:

Myre –
BoredGamer –
Kinshadow –
Paul Warren
Jacob Barlow
Caitlin Bukley
JP Corwyn
Ty Harper
Vincent Gutauskas
B.L. Briton
Jody Sharp
VloCro –

Special Thanks:

Bulkheads –
Terallian –
Athagen –
Teller –
Lt Medic
The Creators Network –



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