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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 3 years ago
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StarShip42 FleetView - A 3D Fleet Viewer

I’ll like to introduce FleetView, and thank you for your support.

FleetView is a very simple web app aimed at visualising your entire fleet. If you use HangarXPLOR on the browser, you can also use it on FleetView.

FleetView runs on a browser and can be viewed from a Desktop or Mobile. Resource management is handled directly by browsers. Since each browser is different, you may experience some differences. For example, rendering of large fleet will (almost certainly) crash your browser instance. For large fleets, I recommend FireFox.

For a complete and updated list of key bindings, please refer to:

- FleetView server does not collect, store or distribute your personal identifiable information, fleet composition, layout, generated JSON files, generated Image files and saved fleet. All saved information are either done locally on the client, or saved within IndexedDB on the browser.
- Usage tracking is done solely by Google Analytics.

I also want to thank the following people from the community to help shape FleetView to where it is today.

- Alluran, creator of HangarXPLOR, for his help on the export.
- MortiK (Marten Klitzke), creator of
- West_Sage, courtesy of his BMM model
- Utho Riley, for his awesome music scores
- Jorunn, Solothkar and many friends from the Org 890J Owners for their tireless ideas, contributions and testing of FleetView as it traversed through multiple versions, often bug-ridden. Your support have been pinnacle for the app.
- The community on Spectrum, Twitter #StarCitizen, Reddit /r/starcitizen, Facebook StarCitizenRP1/ and StarCitizenSpeakeasy/ and Discord /r/starcitizen
- YT-0 for his excellent models and help
- And many friends who supported and help spread FleetView:
- Dronez
- Winomax
- PapaKonzan
- Relic
- Dr, Murray
- Zalusithix
- Rumple
- AU518987077
- scubastevetxst
- Kambei
and many many others and sorry if I missed you in the list.

I thank you all.

Last but not least, Hope you have great fun using the app. See you in the verse.





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