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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2018-05-03 12:57:34
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Star Citizen 3.1 Timelapse

Greetings, citizens!

The wave of the 3.0-hype has ended, no one doesn’t making hundreds of timelapses anymore. So, that means whitch I can finally make my own timelapse!
CIG has released patch 3.1, which has made some visual improvements of lighting and the planet generation system, as shown in my last video, and, most importantly for me – the camera sway was almost removed, which can simplify the creation of timelapse video. And since I have long wanted to make my own timelapse video, now is the better time for that.

Therefore, I present you my new video!
Almost 300 gigabytes of records, 31 scenes, two weeks of recording and editing, 2 hours of render. I tried to do it qualitatively and difficult – that it not to be a trash and didn’t look boring. Maybe it’s the Best God Damn Star Citizen Timelapse Video Ever, or maybe it’s the usual middle level – it is you who must decide!

Bonus: this video is made in 4K and with 60 fps – so turn on yours 4K TVs and enjoy it!
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Music: Giles Lamb – The forgotten fallen



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