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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 4 years ago
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Early Morning Ride on Daymar

Decided to snag my Aquila, pick up my Nox at Shubin, and travel to a remote section of Daymar for an early sunrise ride. Nothing like putting the afterburner on the Nox and just letting it fly across the flats of Daymar to get your day started off right!! I love how just a few hundred meters off the ground the sun is up, but as soon as I put the Connie down, the sun hadn’t crossed the horizon yet. The last picture I was about 50km away from my Connie and cruisin’ fast!!


Dark side of the Moon!!

Nox aboard, traveling to the flats...

Prepping my route...

Through the looking glass...

Brief pause in the ride for a quick selfie...

Throwing long shadows across a paradoxical wasteland of possibilities, I ride into the Sun!



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