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Submitted 2018-06-08 12:56:50
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Chase (Sabre Raven Cinematic)

Greetings, citizens!

Back in March, I had the idea to make a video about the chase in Star Citizen world. Back then I planned to use MISC Razor and was going to start preparing "someday".

Then I won Intel Optane 900P in the screenshot contest, for which I want to thank the guys from CIG for choosing me! And also I want to thank the guys from Intel for the fact that I received my coveted prize, despite to some difficulties, which connected with the Russian customs.
Included with the Optane was the code on the Sabre Raven – and I decided to start embodying the idea of a "chase"-project, but already with this ship. I think, it’s better than simple "thanks" for winning on the contest :)

And after 7 pages of the script, 27 hours of filming, lots of crashes, deaths, clashes with pirates, repeats of the same scenes over and over again, we – I and 13 other people – implemented one of the most difficult projects in my life. And I hope you like what we did.


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