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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2018-06-18 14:24:20
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A tour around the verse. (4K)

Welcome to my tour around the verse.

While I was entering the verse I was and I am still fascinated by the awesome richness of detail we can encounter while we travel around the verse.

So I started to collect some impressions because evene if I already bridged some space I am really not tired of discovering new places and impressions.
That is the reason why I thought by myself that even if I already did see some lovely views there might be others I didn’t discover and in case someone else is having the same feeling we might be happy to share some more splendid views.

Feel free to enlighten your dekstop if you like them.

You can find more pictures here:


All started at area 18.

Between some asteroids.

Entering the constellation.

Encountering some resistance.

Desolated place.

Leaving Olisar.

It's always night in the verse.


Eva action.



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