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Submitted 2018-07-13 11:08:14
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Star Citizen Icons for Stream Deck

UPDATE 2.1!:

Link will be there soonTM, first need to finish some more and then I’ll make a new post about it

UPDATED! V1.5 ——- Picture to better show off the icons: (can’t add or edit the images here "Sad face")


I see more and more people using a Stream deck for their keybinding, but most of them are just random icons.

So that is why I created this Icon set that contains (most) of the important keybindings in game.
They are bind to the "Advanced keyboard" layout and everything runs via 1 profile, the rest is all put in a folder.

Currently it’s like this:

- Main page contains:
ROW 1 – Door Open/Close, Door Lock/Unlock, Quantum Travel, IFCS, SOS Folder
ROW 2 – Gimble Lock, E.S.P, Decoupled Mode
ROW 3 – Walk Folder, System Folder, Manage Folder, Target Folder, Social Folder

- S.O.S Folder
ROW 1 – Self Destruct Switch (gives you warning first)
ROW 2 – Eject Switch (gives you warning first)

- Walk Folder
ROW 1 – Back, (Hand) Weapon 1, Weapon 2, Weapon 3, Item (Gadget).
ROW 2 – Flashliight, W (Forward), Mobiglass, Map (Mobiglass)
ROW 3 – A [Left], S [Back], D [Right], F [Interact]

- System Folder
ROW 1 – Weapons On/Off switch, Power On/Off, Flight Ready
ROW 2 – Shields On/Off Switch, Engines On/Off Switch, Swap Yaw/Roll, Launch Countermeasures
ROW 3 – Landing Mode, Scanning Mode, Mining Mode, External Lights On/Off, Internal Lights On/Off (not bind yet)

- Manage Folder
ROW 1 – Cooling Rate Up, Shields Top, Shields Front, Shields Bottom
ROW 2 – Power Reset, Coling Rate Down, Shields Left, Shields Reset, Shields Right
ROW 3 – Power to Weapons, Power to Shields, Power to Engines, Shields back, Radar

- Social Folder
ROW 1 – Back, Accept, Reject, Chat, Contacts
ROW 2 – 4x Emotes, Emote1 Folder
ROW 3 – 4x Emotes, Emote2 Folder

- Emote 1 and 2 Folder contains rest of emotes (with exception of the "Failure" emote since that didn’t fit :/

If you are missing icons, let me know! I think I got most of them, but maybe I’m wrong :p


Download link:
It contains the Icons, Profile and instructions to import the profile!


Icons and fixes needed for V2:
- Add Wave Emote, Follow Me Emote.
- Naming all the icons in Stream Deck titles for the people that don’t get some of the icons, with exception of the emotes.
- Fix Keybind Eject and Self Destruct
- Add (screenshot) instructions for ingame keybind switching
- Adding a "NAV" Folder, maybe some other folders? (to give everyone more choices)
- Better icons for "Target Nearest (hostile and friendly)
- Guide for adding keybinds to emotes
- Adding more Switch icons (like the doors open/close, lock/unlock)


The layout of how it is now

how it looks like via the program



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