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Submitted 2018-08-12 02:47:32
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Aegis Hammerhead 3D Print and Custom Paint

This is my Aegis Hammerhead: Tiamat
1/250 Scale with movable Turrets that can rotate and tilt.
The last image is a gif of the turrets moving, It may not load until you hit "download".

The Hull is FDM printed in ABS using 0.15mm layer height.
Engines and Turrets are SLA resin printed by Shapeways.

Additional pictures with a few of the in-progress pics are in my Imgur album:

In total, the build took a little over 3 months in my spare time. (My first custom paint, the Reclaimer took 5 months… I’m getting faster! LOL)
After printing the hull in multiple pieces, all the print lines were removed using a micro-file. The parts were then coated with 2 coats of Rustoleum Filler-Primer and re-sanded.
All the parts were then primed with Vallejo Grey acrylic primer before painting on the stripe colors and then primary Hull color.
I created text graphics for the ship using Adobe Illustrator and had them custom printed as waterslide decals.
After painting all the tiny features of the ship, I was able to apply the decals. Weathering effects were painted on the individual parts before it was assembled.
The parts were assembled with superglue, taking care not to get any glue on the surfaces that move.

The 3D files for printing the 1/250 Aegis Hammerhead are now published on Thingiverse:


Aegis Hammerhead Custom Paint

The display stand has the Aegis logo in the base, and the upper portion is a cradle for the ship.

The cradle is held up with a 3/8 acrylic rod purchased from

Top View

Hand scale, the ship is roughly 18 inches long (460mm).

Front Detail

Dorsal Turret

Aft Detail

Rotated Dorsal Turret

Each of the side turrets has a different stripe: White, Black, Blue and Green

Close up of the Cockpit on the underside of the ship.

Overview of the underside.

The pipes and structure running along the side of the ship.

All turrets can rotate and tilt.



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