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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2015-09-23 22:40:22
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HICS Introduction Video - Star Citizen Voice Attack Profile

Hey citizens, I just wanted to put up a voice attack profile that I have been creating over the past month or so. It is not like other profiles because the prompts that go along with the commands are created mp3 files that involve a tweeked text-to-speech that slightly resembles the Aegis voice (intentionally). There are over 300 mp3 in the zip file that can be found here:

The featured video was designed to give an introduction to the way HICS works and sounds in order to help you decide if this is something that you would be interested in.

UPDATE! (September 30, 2945)
Below is a link for the second video which goes over installation help, the layout of the commands in Voice Attack, how voice attack responds to HICS, and finally how to add a new ship to the HICS profile:

UPDATE! (October 2, 2945)
The Soundtrack of HICS set to Vanduul Swarm:

UPDATE! (October 15, 2945)
This is the update for the release of 1.3. It adds in several commands and fixes the Power On/Off to work with all ships. For installation help see the first update:

UPDATE! (October 17, 2945)
Safe Solutions short TV spot for transmission in the verse.

UPDATE! (October 23, 2945)
This is a recruitment and new employee commercial for Safe Solutions, the makers of HICS.

UPDATE! (October 28, 2945)
A couple more audio files for updated Stanton information and new Croshaw system. Also a couple more Corporation backgrounds, Enjoy.

UPDATE! (December 28, 2945)
This is it! The big 2.0 update! Hope you all enjoy and sorry about the wait :)

For newest and future updates go here:



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