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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 4 years ago
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Call back these great moments with Star Citizen SQUADRONS

Update 1 : 2nd place reached within 3 months and …
Update 2 : CIG and Erin received the final SQUADRONS card game prototype and glorious product shots are inbound!!!
Fellow Citizens,
it was a stony path up to this point and I really worked my ass off, to show you what is going on. Hundreds of hours were put into this project and I am super happy to share the outcome today with you. Enjoy!

I dug into the development of Star Citizen as backer and by mid-2016 I realized that I could enrich the Star Citizen community with my abilities. This was the beginning of a mind-blowing idea: A Star Citizen strategy card game.

Over the course of the next two years, game development intensified. Ideas and rules changed, got adapted and streamlined. A competitive card game for having an awesome day with your best friends, but at the same time it is a Mecca for collectors and builders. This truly was a flawless idea. Artist recreation commenced and there was a lot to do and new concepts began to take shape of a sleek gaming experience.

I emphasized on the extraordinary Star Citizen community and my vision for an extraordinary card game slowly solved the jigsaw:

- A smooth game, easy to learn, but hard to master
- This can be done better!
- A highly competitive game adapting to growing gaming experiences
- A game which allows you to play your favorite Star Citizen spaceships
- Lead your own squadron and customize it to your own gameplay style
- Fractions and different squadrons in each fraction must be played in a unique way
- Add unique and special cards for each squadron

Well, after two years of development, I am proud to show you some exclusive pictures of the the Star Citizen Strategy Card Game SQUADRONS!

Squadrons is an immersive strategy card game which lets you customize your own squadron with your favorite ships from the Star Citizen universe and compete with other squadrons both in duel and multiplayer matches. For me, as game author (with lots of board game and card game experience), it was important that you can realize your own playing style with the squadron of your choice.

Squadrons is easy to learn, but hard to master and reveals further stages with growing playing experience. I sensibly reduced resource management and built an expandable card game early on (not only for battles…), which combines streamlined and modern elements for a greater gaming experience. Random location cards make each match unique.

The prototype starter set contains:

- a total of 110 cards with two squadrons (a UEE and Vanduul squadron, each with 45 cards)
- 1 location card set
- 1 dice – playtime: 20-60 minutes, age: 10+, players: 2-8

While presenting the game I often get the question: Can I buy this game?

The good news is that CIG is already supporting this fanmade community project and I am allowed to showcase it officially. THANKS CIG! The card game will be showcased officially for the first time at CON42 in Germany this weekend.

To get this game off the ground and into your hangar, we have to show CIG that there is passion as well as support for Squadrons. With each UPVOTE here and on the corresponding thread on Spectrum @Fan Creations (check out for more information), we are getting one step closer to victory: And that is the official support of CIG and production of a SQUADRONS card game.

It took me hundreds of hours, hard times, sleepless nights and the unbroken will to get up to this point. That is all on my part.
However, the last and most significant ingredient is your trust and support for this community project!

Let´s become SQUADRONS reality for each Star Citizen fan! To sweeten the wait for our computer game and maybe, even perhaps, we will be able to enjoy Squadrons later ingame.

Now I need your support and your Upvote is the only thing that is needed for the realization of the project.

Yours Thomas



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