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Submitted 4 years ago
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2949 In Pictures

A new year has just begun. A new year of hopes for many citizens of the Empire. The old and rusty 2948 has been a year full of many important events and, for everyone here at Imperial Geographic, it surely‘s been a year of great expectations and satisfactions.

What started as a small group of photographers became something bigger, something definitely worth of great efforts in order to make everything in place. It became Imperial Geographic. So long for the 2948, then and welcome to this new year.

When gathering altogether for this new exciting and upcoming period of our lives we, here, asked to each other what could work best to celebrate the time spent taking pictures.

You‘re holding the answer in your very hands, right now. We wanted to tell our story from a different angle. A different point of view. We wanted to tell the story which will come in the months ahead of us.

So fasten your seat belts, because Kansas is going bye bye.

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Thanks for the appreciations, everyone !!!

Just a little explanation, here. The calendar shows actual days of 2949.

Unfortunately, I uploaded 2 pictures (February & September) which display more days than they should. In here you can download the proper version:

We’ve released a 2019 version of the Calendar. YOu can find it here:



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