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Submitted 3 years ago
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The Asgard Legion | Star Citizen Machinima

Operation Helheim marks the beginning of Asgard Legion’s history in 2924. Back then they were known as the ninth fleet of defense of Omnis Security and had the purpose to protect a mission of exploration in Vanduul space. Another objective was to list all crossing points still unknown by the UEE. This mission failed and Sleipnir had to sacrify to ensure the fleet’s survival.

Second machinima on Star Citizen! A huge work has been done on the sound for this project and added many FX via After Effects. The final render isn’t perfect but I’m still proud of the work done here. A wonderful production in Star Citizen’s universe.

Special thanks to RackBoy – Oligan Twitch – K_WA91


Inspiring – by Pedro Camacho
Into The Unknown – by Pedro Camacho
Security Outpost Kareah – by Pedro Camacho
Floki Appears To Kill Athelstan – by Trevor Morris



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