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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 2 years ago
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If someone would have asked you, what is speed? What would you tell them? It’s simply a measure of distance, covered over time? A magnitude of velocity? Or is it something more? These words, which come directly from the renowned Origin Jumpworks‘s commercial might be meant for something else but they hit the point.

Speed has alwasy been something Mankind has tried to reach. To improve. While flying in the sky. While driving on the ground. Now that ground has become something more attractive than ever. Something amazing. Something that must be revered because of what it represents and what it has to offer.

Limits, now, are to be left behind. Because no matter what we do. No matter what we think. There will always be something we‘ll want to reach at maximum speed. And that‘s the finish line of the filthiest race in the ‘Verse.

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