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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 3 years ago
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277 shades of Star Citizen

With this video I tried to connect several locations, ships and suits of SC in a single video.
Here’s a quick rundown on what I have done for this project and what you’re about to see:

+300 clips in the final video, captured on every moon and planet, almost every rest stop, suit and ship
(there just wasn’t enough music for the other stuff lol)

43 png files created for the terminal, mobiglas, intro sequence and other stuff

~145gb of raw data

and a "few" days of work, but I began ~1 month ago. :)

A huge shoutout to Malo for giving me permission to use his music!! You have to check out his work:

The funny thing about this project is, that the original plan would have resulted in a video with a length of just 1min 30sec. Then I thought "Hm, let me try this and add this, that…" and suddenly I almost tripled the length, but simultaneously quintuple the work.

However I hope you’ll enjoy my work and appreciate my effort ^^
and maybe you’ll see the verse from another point of view you haven’t seen before :)



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