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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 2 years ago
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SC trading - Route finder

Vidéo Tutorial:

Hi everyone,

As the creator of this trading sheet:
I realized I won’t be able to support maintaining all those data up-to-date on my own, especially within the arrival of new planets and moons.

So, after some hard working, let me introduce to you:
Like VerseMate, this tool is made to find the best cargo routes in the Verse and propose you a status of the Price List with an easy way for you to report unaccurate prices.

I really tried to make this website as easy, smooth, fast and efficient as possible.
There is still some work to do (still in Alpha) but I think it’s time to show it to you now.

I truly hope you’re going to like it and really looking forward to your constructive feedbacks :)




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