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Submitted 2 years ago
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Fleet Manager - Manager and share your personnal and organization fleet the easy way

Link :

What Is It ?
Fleet Manager is an online open source tool to help you keep track of your Star Citizen Fleet, share it with your friends and your organization. It also help organizations keep track of their fleet and get some useful informations about it. You may also export your fleets to use others tools like Fleet Viewer.
Public page exemple :

Features :
+ Create and account in a minute.
+ Update your fleet by clicking a simple button in "My Hangar"
+ Generate a public URL to share your fleet with anyone
+ Keep track of your organization ships and who own it
+ Export you personnal or organization fleet in a json to use other online tools
+ Many more features to come …

Who Should Use It ?
+ Organization to keep track of their fleet
+ Pilotes to easily share their fleet
+ Streamers to add a bot command or a like to share their up to date fleet

Made by :
Ioni14 :
Vyrtual Synthese :

Change log :

1.1 :
Now that the first build (MVP) is stable we go deep further in small quality of life improvements.
Every page has now it own url so you can easily bookmark it or like back to it.
We also made an home page to better present Fleet Manager project and Usage.


Better Front Page with informations about user base and links to Fleet Manager Ecosystem and it is beautiful
TOS Page with more informations about privacy and security so you don’t have to worry we got your back !
We wrote a welcome page in Discord Server so you know what to do.
You can now export your Orga’s Fleet to CSV to use It in your favorit spread sheet editor
You can now filter your Orga’s Fleet by Ships and User. More to come later.
We got better logs on failed RSI account linking attempt. So we can improve our
New Design for Orgas’ Fleet Page
Costs of your ship will no longer been visible on your public page
Fleet Manager has now his own Domain . Donc forget to update your Bookmarks.
We created a new temporary logo and deployed it everywhere
You can now force update your profile info from your profile page. Use it if you changed Organizations.
We implemented support of HTTP/2 speeding up page loading by … alot !
We have a database backup system so you never loose your fleet !
We made our Trello public so you can follow further dev of Fleet Manager
Lot’s of bugs fix … We also removed elevators, they were buggy !
60+ hours of code 90 liters of water

Bug Fix

In some case it was impossible to link your RSI account
Managed case of bad url input for private or non existing url
Better animations on Orga’s Fleet Page
404 icons
Orgas selector has been repaired


Manager and review your organization fleet.

Manager and share your fleet.

Publish your fleet to share with your friends.



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