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Submitted 4 years ago
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ArcCorp Cinematic

Greetings, citizens!

Every time I say the phrase “this was the most difficult video of mine” – and each time I make an even more complex video. So, this time – it was really the MOST difficult of my video, because I was also started to write the music for this video.

I decided, that shoot and edit was not enough for me anymore – and I also went to the musical direction. Specially for this, I bought a MIDI-keyboard, and one very good man gave me his sound card for free. And after a month of working on music, I want to say that I, no doubt, hurried to create my own music in my video, because I had no experience when I started working on it. However, this “baptism by fire” gave me the necessary starting experience – and now I know more about how to write the music. I hope you enjoy my first (and, I hope, not last) experience in this direction.

As for the video itself, it may seem long and strange to you – 10 minutes long, with a strange beginning and art-house style. But that was my original idea – to show the city, through the storyline of the heroine, by using FOIP and visual effects.
Working on this video took me 2 months of life and almost 250 gigabytes on my PC, so it really became my most difficult job. I hope my work was not in vain, and you will enjoy this video.
Enjoy watching!

Narayan – The Dream (Vangelis, Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch Tribute)
Narayan – The City From The Top (Kenji Kawai Tribute)
Narayan – The City From The Inside
Narayan – The Dark Corners
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