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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 3 years ago
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Star Citizen 890 JUMP PVP - FPS Battle vs DAKO

- This Star Citizen PVP battle takes place on the 890 Jump. Making use of PTU 3.6.2, everyone has access to the 890. Two Org’s, DAKO and IMZ fight for control of 3 Victory Points aboard the 890. Whoever controls 2 of 3 at the end of the timer, wins.

Initial deployment and respawns must be delivered by dropship.

Now performing these Scrims regularly, if you have an ORG that would like to organise a PVP scrim, get in touch! Interested in joining up? Join our DISCORD and come say hi:×5ap

► Star Citizen Alpha
► Sign up to Star Citizen here for 5000 free UEC.
► My Org (The IMZ):
► Enemy Org (DAKO-Space):


Join us LIVE: ♦ TWITCH: ♦ BooZERO – DAKO Leader: ♦ TWITTER: ♦ Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!


UTHO RILEY – ‘Gravitational Waves’

Thank you Utho for letting us use your incredible work.


Thank you to my ORG the IMZ, and Twitch community, the Immobile Infantry, for supporting the content and keeping it Immobile, 5 days a week. O7.



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