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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 years ago
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The Ultimate Star Citizen Experience - Celebrating 1000 Followers with Custom Artwork

Hi there!

Some of you might know my fan spotify playlist I made for Star Citizen 3 years ago. It has already been making its rounds in the "Deep Space Radar" section of the community hub. It just breached over 1000 followers and to mark the occasion I have decided to redesign the thumbnail of the spotify playlist "The Ultimate Star Citizen Experience" and post it here. What I did is utilizing the Drake Kraken Holoviewer Model and replace its vertices with a clef, known in music production. I have attached images enhancing the rear engine of the Drake Kraken’s main engines to show them in more detail. I hope you enjoy this little experimental artwork :).

If you would like to listen to the playlist, you can do it here:

Thank you very much!



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