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The Last Contract | Star Citizen | Exclusive Fan-Made Movie | Subtitles

Hi, citizens!

"The last Contract" is completely in-game video, based on "Star Citizen" alpha 3.5; 3.6; 3.7. Visual effects, post-processing and correction of video sequence are used in a minimum amount in order to support the artistic intent and to hide the "charm" of alpha. 90% of the footage is presented in the original state. To save the in-game atmosphere, some of the characters’ voices are recorded via in-game VoIP. The cast members and voice actors are not professionals.

During 10 months of film creating more than 60 people participated in it. More than 300 characters were killed. More than 150 ships were blown up. More then 34,000,000 aUEC were spent. 36 operators’ Reliant Kore and 2 Origin 85X were fully destroyed. 3648 mugs of coffee were drunk.

Not a single vanduul was injured while creating this film.

Video with English/Deutsch/Ukrainian/Hebrew/French/Spanish/Estonian/Polish SUBTITLES

Enjoy your viewing



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