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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 years ago
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I nice gameplay day.

In this day I’ve a lot of things.
My ship spit me out of it, I’ve got rescued, rented the Avenger Titan, gone mining quartz, discovered that quartz is not a good source of money, got shooted while flying between ArcCorp buildings, I helped a guy in his Cutlass Black as a turret man and many other funny things. xD


I was in shock when I realized the diference between the size of the hangar and my ship.

Don't know why these monitors don't show me any 3D models.

They are aways black.

I in love with this game. And, yeah... I've sit in the mud.

I love mining, but, when I saw these crystals, thought they were harvestables.

But, sadly, they're not.

I would love to pick them all up to sell. xD

My beautiful Avenger Titan. s2

I've already said I love mining in this game? Now you can see why.

Taking a rest under the shadow of my ship, because Staton was really hot in that moment.

And enjoying the view.



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