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Submitted 2 years ago
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Star Citizen - Holoviewer V3.2

Greetings Citizens

*********New Version now available – ********************************

The update V3.2 of the Star Citizen Holoviewer is now available for the SCH-Launcher.
The update brings 12 new Ships, and a Minimap feature, and a new type of Floor.

The SC-Holoviewer is a fanmade Ship-Scale-Viewer
for the vehicles from Star Citizen. The models
used in the Holoviewer are taken from the
Holoviewer on the RSI-website.

The viewer currently contains 164 ships.

The vehicles can be visited in three diffrent modes:
complete mode: In this mode are all ships visible

reduced mode: This mode shows only one version of each ship series

custome mode: In this mode you can choose the ships to summon, by yourself



Special thanks go to the users Hesy and Scrais for helping with pretesting.

I hope you enjoy the viewer!

see you in the Verse!

Version V1.0 –

Launcher V1.0.1 –

Refferal Code : STAR-J5TB-SFQT


CIG if you have an issue with this project please contact me



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