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Roberts Space Industries
Submitted 1 year ago
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The Journeymen - A Star Citizen Live Action Short Film

In the year 2949, two brothers set out to complete seemingly simple job for a big payday. Though in the Stanton system, fortune seldom favors the bold.

About the Film:
The Journeymen is a passion project by Supergiant Films founder Chase Tarascio, an avid Star Citizen Fan. This is a fan film and has no connection with Roberts Space Industries or Cloud Imperium Games. This film was shot in three days on location in Palos Verdes, California. Filmed on a Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema 4k, the goal was to create a simple yet visually unique story of two brothers in an unforgiving galaxy. In-game visuals and sounds were used to create a seamless connection to the "verse" and hopefully pave the way for more Star Citizen Live Action content. All music in the film is from the Star Citizen OST. The JL7 (Journeyman Light 7) Armor seen in the film is an original design created by Chase Tarascio from scratch. The film was edited in VEGAS 15 with additional visuals created in Photoshop. The overall budget for the film was the price of building the JL7 Armor.

About the Crew:
The filmmakers comprised of film students and friends making the project for fun.
Chase Tarascio: Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor, Production Designer and voice of Ellis and mobiGlass AI
T.J. Balaschak: Actor – The Journeyman
Alex Karakanov: Actor – Dead Body and Stunt Pilot (In-game)
Angel Lopez: Sound Operator
Skyler Bimat: Makeup Artist, BTS Specialist, Production Assistant
Ali Tarascio: Production Assistant, Caterer

A Word from the Creator:
I have been in love with Star Citizen and its grandeur for almost seven years now and as a film student looking to test my abilities I saw the universe of Star Citizen as the perfect place to dabble in Sci-Fi. It all started with my desire to make a SC inspired armor suit. Originally there was a very different film but due to complications with filming (See the Behind the Scenes coming soon) I went for a more interpersonal route between two characters, essentially a prequel to my original idea. Yes I know the VFX aren’t perfect, some liberties were taken with adding things not currently in the "verse" and location doesn’t exactly feel like Hurston, but at the end of the day I set out with a dream to bring Star Citizen to live action in a unique way and I am incredibly proud of the finished project and the work and passion everyone connected to the project put in. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have made this film and can’t wait to continue the story.



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