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Submitted 3 years ago
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Minecraft 890 Jump

You know this game (star citizen) is so great that it now starts to take over minecraft xD.
Jokes aside, Me Wefling2004 have build the 890 Jump in minecraft and I actually think it came out pretty good, dont you think?
It has full interior and lots of lots of redstone contraptions. I guess all of you have heard of minecraft before so im assuming you know what redstone is. Its like electrical wires kinda.
It took 8 weeks for me to build the ship and it is now 100% progress. I would love to get some feedback on what you think of the ship. I have tried to make it look as close to the one in the game as possible.

If however you want to download this beeeeeutiful 890 Jump minecraft style premium limmited eddition exlusive grande xD, then heres the link:

Note: There will be coming a Catepillar soon!

Now enjoy!



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